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Family Fresh is a game studio that helps people from all around the world have a great time. We combine scientific expertise in data technologies with artistic professionalism to make simple, high-quality, entertaining games.

One highlight of our games is the constellation of cute, unique characters. They will make you fall in love with healthy food.

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VaPanda is a project with video calls with a professional teacher who appears in front of the child in the form of a cartoon character. Learning is fun and easy when your teacher is a funny character!

VaPanda - adding magic to learning
Classes with VaPanda help concentration and cause the child an irresistible desire to play, discover new things and learn. The child sees how the charming cartoon character calls, can talk to him, and also interact by touch.

Talk to the magic character teacher
Learning goes easily and remembered for a long time! Through the app, a professional teacher, animator or therapist conducts video calls with children using a magical character mask. An adult controls the animation of the character and speaks on his behalf in a cartoon voice, thanks to the built-in voice change function.

VaPanda is a learning project for video calls where a professional teacher appears in front of a child as a cartoon hero. Learning is fun and easy when your teacher is an amusing character!

VaPanda: Adding Magic to Learning



Yummies is the best app to get excited about fruits & veggies for the whole family. Playing with your food has never been more fun!

Explore an amazing world of healthy food with puzzles, logic tasks and cute little stories about cooking and shopping. Enjoy simple and entertaining games with lovely fruits & veggies characters – Carrot, Strawberry, Pumpkin, Tomato, and 20 others.

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